Pangolin – The most trafficked animal in the world!

Pangolin – The most trafficked animal!


The first thought that comes to our mind when we hear about animal trafficking is probably a huge animal like a Rhino or an Elephant and the illegal trade of ivory?

Get ready to be shocked! The most heavily trafficked animal in the world is only 30 cm to 100 cm in size.

Yes Pangolin is the most illegally traded animal in the world. These harmless ant eaters with 8 sub species live in… Sub Saharan Africa to southeast Asia .


These friendly little dragon look alikes live happily in trees or within burrows in the ground. Some species are  nocturnal, sleeping in a curled ball during the day. While others like the long-tailed pangolin are more active in the day. Their great sense of smell makes it easy   to hunt for their favourite meals-insects. these little guys are good swimmers too.

The mom pangolins carry their babies on their tails, keeping watch over their young ones  for the first two years of their life.

All pangolin species have hard keratin scales on their entire body which are their source of defense against predators. All they have to do is curl up into a ball and then get oblivious to the world around them.


Sadly this defence mechanism makes them an easy pick for poachers. These mammals are smuggled for satisfying various odd consumer demands like pangolin blood, tails, meat, heads  and even live animals!

Pangolin PoachingPangolin

However the most famous is their scales which are powdered to make Chinese medicines which are said to cure various ailments in humans.

Pangolin Poaching

Increasingly now, this poor animal is  are also are considered as a delicacy, making it another major reason for it be trafficked.

Sadly within the last decade alone,around a million pangolins were poached giving them the first rank in trafficked animals taking it closer and closer to extinction by every passing day.

And we are close to loosing another creation of nature.Does it get us thinking? where are we heading? what is the future of the species other than humans?

We are continuously loosing the war against animal poaching.

Perhaps it’s time, we get thinking for a few moments every now and then? Perhaps we will listen a bit harder the next time we see statistics on the species the planet has lost forever. Because other species are declining and this is real. Perhaps this is what real  mass extinctions look like from the inside and we being the masters of mass distinctions!

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Sudan: The Last Male Northern White Rhino

Good Bye Sudan -We will miss you!

Remember couple of years ago we heard news that in the last 40 years 50% of all vertebrate species had disappeared? And then came in another news that by 2020 this figure is likely to rise to 66% of all vertebrates.  Animals, it seems, are on the way out. And the worst is that no one appears to care much!

Nature created the wild, the humans and many creatures and put them all together on this earth which meant that all the creation was made to coexist in harmony.

But humans did so much that could go against nature that we ensured that many creations of nature go extinct.

And we did it yet again, one more species is close to extinction as the Worlds only left last Northern male rhino is gone and we could do nothing.

Sudan The Last Male Northern White Rhino

“Sudan”-yes that was the name given to him. He was the last male of his subspecies, which means his going almost ensures that we cannot have any kid of this clan again.

But why did the northern white rhino disappear? Animal poaching is the answer here. Yes, this second largest mammal in Africa was killed again and again for its horn.

Sudan The Last Male Northern White Rhino

As they say the horn of this animal is considered twice or thrice as valuable as gold. In various Asian and Chinese medicine this horn when powdered can cure humans of all sorts of ailments.

Behind this increasing illegal yet organized crime wave is a surge in demand from the far east and European Asian communities for powdered rhino horn, which is used in traditional Chinese medicines.

Sorry Sudan we humans couldn’t save you all, and we lost you to our greed and hunger for money ,and the greed to look rich and powerful and the greed to save our own lives even though it costed us loosing all of you.

How I wish you were not born with that horn, at least you could live then…in this inhuman world!

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